About antARK

Jack jumper ant Myrmecia urens sp. gp © Farhan Bokhari

What is antARK?

antARK is a free to use, educational website for anyone interested in one specific area of nature, ants! Content found within the site is aimed at individuals with little or no previous knowledge about ants. The study of ants is termed myrmecology, and so this site is an ‘introduction to myrmecology’.

Why ants?

eco-antBy looking over the ant facts, it becomes obvious that the ants are something special.   Ants have efficient and organised societies which are much more human like than we think. Ant colonies with millions of individuals seamlessly perform: public health, movement of goods, infrastructure, climate control, defence systems, child care, live stock farming, food cultivation and traffic flow control. Their presence on planet Earth is essential, their techniques for survival are unrivalled, these creatures are definitely worthy of study.

How to use antARK

Simply navigate through the menus to discover all sorts of ant information. Scientific words have been written in bold, and their explanation can be found by clicking on the ‘glossary‘ tab. To use any content found in the site, please see the terms of use.

Support antARK

Much time and effort has been set aside to create antARK. These efforts are funded by merchandise purchases via Zazzle and useful advertisements found throughout the site.


antARK would not have been possible without the generosity, co-operation and contributions of many individuals worldwide. A list of key world myrmecologists and taxonomists can be found at antwiki. These people have devoted much of their lives to studying ants and sharing their findings; it is through their hard work that antARK has come into being.


I-heart-antsThank you for taking the time to look through antARK. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and have learnt something new. antARK was created to share my findings and expand upon a life long fascination with ants. I hope that through this site, others may discover an unexpected interest with these larger than life creatures. Any feedback, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

@timholtom an ant enthusiast.

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