Adventures Among Ants – Mark W. Moffett

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nternational explorer, biologist, and photographer Mark W. Moffett, ‘the Indiana Jones of entomology’ takes us on a fascinating adventure involving many aspects of: Marauder ants, African Army ants, Weaver ants, Amazon ants, Leaf cutter ants and Argentine ants.

With incredibly sharp close-up photography, this is ‘a global safari with a caste of trillions’.

“[Adventures among Ants] is hefty, yet aerodynamic. It’s really good for killing ants.”–The Colbert Report

“Take a look at daring eco-adventurer Mark Moffett’s spectacular new ant book.”–New York Review of Books

“Many fascinating anecdotes.”–Washington Post

“The book itself is a fine specimen … [Moffett’s] expertise with the camera must match his expertise on ant biology.” –National Wildlife

“Superb book by a first-class writer with an unsurpassed feel for ants.”–Library Journal
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Also see Mark W. Moffetts site ‘Doctor Bugs Web‘.

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