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[su_column size=”3/4″ class=”ant_news_single_page”]The Ant Bully tells a witty and heartwarming story about a 10-year-old boy who embarks on a remarkable journey. New in town, friendless and tormented by a neighborhood bully, young Lucas has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ants by drowning them with his water gun. One day the ants retaliate. Using a magic potion, they shrink Lucas down to the size of an ant and sentence him to live like an them in their colony. In his strange new world Lucas learns important lessons about friendship, gets a new perspective on life and ultimately finds the courage to stand up for himself.

This is a movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Year 2006
Length 89 minutes
IMDB rating 6.2/10 (6,880 votes)
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