Ant Forums

English ant forums

The Ant Farm and Myrmecology Forum. YUKU
A vast ant forum covering many topics from field observations to species identification based in the USA. Guests can browse, membership required to contribute.
Antstore Forum
A large collection of detailed topics mostly focusing on keeping ants. Based in Germany, this forum has many different languages. Guests can browse, membership required to contribute.
Antnest Forum
Based in the UK and hosted by Myrm and his family. The forum has a non members section for quick questions. It’s very youth friendly and members must be 13+.
Ant Hill World forum
A UK based ant forum with lots of topics and fantastic links to many ant sites.

German / Deutsch ant forums

Antstore Forum
Ant store world of ants.
Ameisen Forum
Das Forum zur Ameisenhaltung – Ameisen als Haustiere halten.
Verein der Freunde staatenbildener insekten.

Dutch ant forums

Antforum Mierenforum
Nederlandstalig mierenforum.

Spanish / Español ant forums
Foro base de una Comunidad de Aficionados a las Hormigas.